I've painted off and on since high school, but in the last decade my art has become an obsession. My interest in abstraction began when I had an epiphany while working the graveyard shift loading beer trucks. The idea was to create a series of works all at once, layer by layer and never focusing on one painting. My aesthetic is based on whatever is in my head at the time, which makes most of my work spontaneous. My project was later reaffirmed by my studies of 20th century artists, who mainly worked with abstraction. While attending school, I explored all areas of art and started to experiment with different styles and processes. 20th century abstract impressionists were my main influences. As my love for painting grew, I came to the decision to finish my education to help make my dream possible, and to hopefully make a career from creating art. After three years at school I received Associates degrees in Studio Arts and Graphic Arts and have continued to stay active in both areas.

The thing I love the most about painting the abstract is;  there are no rules, and with no rules on what I create makes creating more natural, coming straight from my brain. I emphasize mainly on the contrasts of color and the interaction of different shapes, textures, and the relationships they have with one another. These elements, combined with a possible meaning, or a theme, is another dimension I sometime like to add.  I look forward to continue creating with colors, shapes, and textures, while exploring different ways of reinventing my art with various mediums. My hope is that my art will be both thought pro­voking and interesting, while being aesthetically pleasing to look at.

   I’m also in the market for a representative, or, agent, that works pro-bono. Unfortunately, I lack the funds to promote with an agent, which is why pro-bono is my only option. My hope is that my body of work will influence someone to take me on, and represent my art.

     I’m a prolific painter that plans to never stop. All of my paintings are varnished and framed, to stand the test of time. My only means of promotion is my web site, www.robjohnsart.com . If anyone is interested, please contact me at; [email protected] . Thank you for your interest.
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